Your building is the next charging station
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En gade i København, hvor en bil lader med ladekablet gemt pænt væk i Elbys fortovsskinne.
The Elby Charging Solution

Home Charging for City Residents

With Elby the cars are charged where people live and park. The city gets more charging points, and building owners help accelerate the green transition while even getting a share of the profit. Everybody wins.

Here's how to Elby

Nærbillede: Ladekablet indsættes i bilen
1. Use your own cabele
Nærbillede: Ladekablet fastgøres i et ladestik, der er integreret direkte i bygningen
2. Connect to charger
Nærbillede: En sko træder ladekablet ned i fortovsskinnen
3. Secure cable in the sleeve
Nærbillede af opstart af ladningen via Elby-app'en
4. Start charging
Elbys ladeløsning. Ladestik integreret i muren og ladekablet gemt pænt og sikkert væk i fortovsskinnen
Innovative and Patent Pending Design

A Charger Made for the City

Say goodbye to extension cords hanging out the windows and large charging stations. With Elby, you get a solution designed for urban living.

The charging plug is integrated into the building and flush with the wall. It's simple, functional, and respectful to the building.  

The Elby cable rail ensures the sidewalk remains clear for the city residents and keeps your charging cable protected.
You Share the charger - we share the profit

A New Opportunity for Building Owners

Elby's unique business model allows building owners to benefit directly from charging infrastructure.

Commercial building owners can access low-cost installation options. We share up to 60% of profits generated from charging points, ensuring that the investment quickly pays for itself and becomes a steady income source.

For non-profit housing associations, we even offer free installation and up to 50 % profit sharing. Regardless of charging activity, you'll never pay out of pocket and always have earning potential.
A screenshot from a mobile app showing the building owner's view of the deployed chargers including the monthly revenue generated
Join the charging community with your neighbours

The Building is the New Charging Community

Elby turns buildings into charging points, so cars can be charged where residents live and work. Elby is based on the cooperative principle, and the charging points on public roads can be used by all city residents.

As a building owner, you'll share your charging points with your neighbours, and in return we'll pay you back some of the profits when your charging points are used.

This way everybody wins when an Elby charger is installed - even those who don't have a car! We call it a charging community, and we'd love for you to join!
An illustration showing a car, a building, and a plant
En farvestrålende illustration af en bygning i et blåt hjerte
Made for the city

Respectful to the City

We love cities and we love electric cars. However, we were unhappy to see curbside chargers taking up space on the sidewalks and parking spaces being designated for only one type of car.

Elby’s charging solution takes up significantly less space in the streetscape and doesn’t take away any parking spaces. This way, we can have a modern, electric city for everyone without losing its unique beauty.

Plus, we run on 100% wind power from Vindstød A/S.
A sea of chargers

Massively Scalable

Elby’s unique and patent-pending solution hasn’t been done anywhere in the world before. Instead of creating fewer, larger, and more expensive charging stations, Elby will deploy many small chargers—transforming ‘charging islands’ into ‘a sea of chargers’

Currently, you need to search for the nearest charging station and park there. With Elby, chargers become ubiquitous, so instead of having to park where you charge, you'll simply charge wherever you park!

Since cars are parked 95 % of the time, with Elby, they can charge when power is cheapest and greenest. It’s better for your wallet, the city and the green transition.
To kort. Det ene kort har få store  ladere og det andet har mange små

Partnering for a Greener Future

The green transition requires all of us to pitch in and help each other. If you live in a city, you can now take action alongside Elby and your fellow citizens - even if you don’t own an electric car.

Get an Elby charger for your building, share your power, earn money, and actively participate in the green transformation of personal transportation.

This will also improve air quality in cities, benefit us all, and help pave the way for the future green green electric system.

We can do it together.

En farvestrålende illustration af en bygning formet som et stort batteri omkranset af biler og blomster
Elby's solution is patent pending