Your building is the next charging station
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En gade i København, hvor en bil lader med ladekablet gemt pænt væk i Elbys fortovsskinne.
How Elby Works

Charging cooperatives

With Elby the cars are charged where people live and park. The city gets more charging points, and building owners help accelerate the green transition. Everybody wins.

Here's how to Elby

Nærbillede: Ladekablet indsættes i bilen
1. Use your own cabele
Nærbillede: Ladekablet fastgøres i et ladestik, der er integreret direkte i bygningen
2. Connect to charger
Nærbillede: En sko træder ladekablet ned i fortovsskinnen
3. Secure cable in the sleeve
Nærbillede af opstart af ladningen via Elby-app'en
4. Start charging
You Share the charger - we share the profit

A new opportunity for building owners

Elby’s charging solution is quick and easy to install. It’s hardware-light and protective of the city. And the building owner earns up to 60 % of the profit whenever the charger is used.
An illustration showing a car, a building, and a plant
A sea of chargers

Massively scalable

Elby’s solution hasn’t been done anywhere in the world, which is why it’s patent-pending. Unlike the few and expensive charging islands and stations, Elby can deploy ‘a sea of chargers’. Our chargers are slower than superchargers, but that’s actually an advantage. Cars are parked 95 % of the time and with Elby they can charge when power is cheapest and greenest. It’s better for your wallet, the city and the green transition.
To kort. Det ene kort har få store  ladere og det andet har mange små
Elby's solution is patent pending